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How Other Coworking Operators Make Money With Printing

Virtually every shared workspace offers printing to their members and guests. Not because it draws a crowd or sets your space apart from the one next door - it is simply expected. If you are one of the many operators who wished it weren’t and who would rather Uber your members to the next copy shop than having to deal with printing, this webinar is for you.

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Printing in Coworking Spaces – First Annual Report

ThinPrint Cloud Services as the leading cloud based provider for printing in coworking spaces, has a unique insight into printing needs. A closer look into anonymized reports offers coworking space operators an opportunity to plan printing costs and improve the service they offer their customers.

Share your Holiday Joy – And your Printer

Sending holiday mail without spending anything on stamps and cards or dealing with long queues at the post office is easier than you think. Ask your friends and relatives to send their holiday greetings directly to your printer – they’ll be delighted.

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Our Ho-ho-ho-holiday Printer is online

We decided to come up with a fun way to spread good cheer, good thoughts, good wishes. We call it our holiday printer and invite you to send us your greetings, your fun photos, your milestones and whatever else is on your mind directly by printing to it!