Announcements by ThinPrint Cloud Services

Chrome Printing is here!

We are happy to announce the release of ThinPrint Cloud Extension for Chrome OS!

The feedback from our customers is the driving force behind all enhancements to our cloud printing and management service. The most recent request brought to life is HUGE. A big shout out to our corporate and educational customers for suggesting it.

It is available immediately from the Chrome store or by following this link »

The ThinPrint Cloud Extension offers a tremendously improved alternative to Google’s Cloud Print service. Organizations that need to manage their users and keep an eye on print activity will enjoy the ThinPrint Cloud’s management and reporting capabilities while their users benefit from an excellent, intuitive printing experience.

Just by opening the Chrome Print dialog they will access all the key features of our ThinPrint Cloud platform such as:

  • automatic printer installation
  • automatic printer configuration
  • universal printer driver
  • print quotas
  • pay-for-print
  • color/black & white support, etc.

If you are already a ThinPrint Cloud or ezeep customer, simply download the ThinPrint Cloud Extension for Chrome, log in with your ThinPrint Cloud credentials and your printers will appear up the next time you select print.

If you are not printing via the ThinPrint Cloud yet, try us out today. We have a 30-day trial available to everyone.

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